Shannon B. Darrow, DC

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About Dr. Darrow

As countless people face health, fitness and wellness quandaries worldwide, one woman has taken her passion for serving others to a new level. In high hopes of enhancing the quality of life for people in various parts of the world, Dr. Shannon Darrow has been positively impacting the lives of thousands through her role as executive director and board chairman of Spinal Missions. She has been at the helm of this nonprofit comprised of chiropractic doctors and students aiding people in underprivileged nations since its inception.

Addressing health, wellness, and fitness issues primarily in the Latin American culture, Dr. Darrow has made it her mission to help chiropractors enhance, revitalize, and apply their skills through affordable mission trips to help those in need. Through revolutionary approaches, Dr. Darrow collaborates closely with countless volunteers, handling budgets, establishing objectives, and outlining funding proposals for Spinal Missions.  

She has also served as mission consular for the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps, an organization that serves as a central informational exchange to bring people of respective national origins and interests together. The mission of the Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps is to increase the number of suitable practicing chiropractic doctors; thus, as mission consular, Dr. Darrow supports high-profile humanitarian missions by coordinating with foreign national chiropractors or NGOs, all with the aim of recruiting the next generation of chiropractors.  

In addition to advising on legal aspects of chiropractic care in a variety of countries, she lends guidance in mission work by engaging in the current political climate regarding alternative medicine. Dr. Darrow also puts a great deal of attention on fundraising, public relations efforts, and increasing chiropractic utilization in targeted countries.  

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