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Car Accidents Specialist

Watson Chiropractic

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Car accidents damage more than vehicles. It’s important to seek immediate medical care if you experience an accident, as a variety of injuries can result. Dr. Steven Watson is expertly trained chiropractors committed to bettering the health and well-being of people who’ve been in car accidents. Schedule an appointment at their office in SeaTac, Washington, by calling or using the online booking tool.

Car Accidents Q & A

What are common car accident injuries?

Car accident injuries vary from person to person and from collision to collision. The parts of the body reportedly most affected in car accidents are your head, back, neck and chest.

Your injury is best assessed by a medical professional such as Dr. Watson. Each injury varies in severity, from some requiring little or no treatment to those resulting in permanent disability.

What affects the severity of car accident injuries?

No part of your body is technically safe from enduring a car accident. The type and the severity of injuries depend on such factors as:

  • If you wore a seat belt
  • Whether your car was hit from the rear, side, or front
  • If you were facing straight or if your body was turned
  • If the collision was at a low or high speed
  • If your car had airbags

These factors then affect the type of injury, whether it was an impact injury or a penetrating injury. An impact injury occurs when your body hits some part of the car’s interior. A penetrating injury refers to cuts and scrapes or an object piercing the skin, often caused by shattering glass or loose objects.

Also, certain parts of the body are more prone to injury than others:

Head and back

Injuries to these parts of the body are the most serious, as they’re more likely to affect your long-term health than injuries to other body parts. They commonly occur in high-speed collisions and can lead to traumatic brain injuries or damage to the spinal cord. Worst-case scenarios involve lasting cognitive problems or paralysis.

Neck and chest

Neck and chest injuries from a car accident tend to occur with sudden, rapid movements, making them relatively common. This type of injury includes whiplash, which has the potential to cause serious neck muscle and ligament damage. Chest accidents can also cause broken ribs and collapsed lungs, reinforcing the immediacy for medical attention.

Injuries to other parts of your body include broken bones and ligament damage. Emotional distress, an effect of a traumatic event like a car accident, causes a psychological injury.

Do I need to see a doctor after an accident even if I don’t feel injured?

Injuries from car accidents may not always be apparent to you right away, especially during a time of frenzy and trauma. Even without any visible or perceptible injuries, all occupants of the car involved in the accident should see a doctor to ensure your safety and to correct any bodily damage.

Contact Watson Chiropractic with any concerns about your or your loved one’s well-being following a car accident.

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