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Neck Injuries and Early Treatment

A randomized trial of 97 patients with whiplash injuries were studied by two medical doctors and a physical therapist in the SPINE journal*. This study compared active treaments (movement-based therapies) with rest and wearing a soft cervical spine collar, and the results showed that active treaments were more effective in reducing pain.  Also, patients that waited more than two weeks to receive treatment did not get better as quickly as those who saught treatment early.  A combined effect of early, active therapies (such as chiropractic and physiotherapy) seemed to be what the authors were recommending for best results.  In particular, the study recommends "frequently repeated active submaximal movements combined with mechanical diagnosis and therapy", and that is exactly what chiropractic care can provide!

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*Rosenfeld, Mark, RPT*; Gunnarsson, Ronny, MD†; Borenstein, Peter, MD‡ Early Intervention in Whiplash-Associated Disorders: A Comparison of Two Treatment Protocols, Spine: July 15, 2000

Taylor Cox, DC Chiropractor specializing in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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